Ways to Increase the Size of Your Penis

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Most men delight in having bigger manhood for different issues. It is worth noting that most men have a normal-sized penis, with the rest being a couple of inches shorter or longer. However, most women would want their partners to have a long and thick penis.

small condomHow do you go about increasing your penis size? The penis enlargement industry has all manner of solutions ranging from simple stretching exercises to a penis stretcher. If reviews are anything to go by, then it is always possible to add a couple of inches to your penis if you go about penis extension methods in the right way. Here are some exercises and techniques that might help you make your penis longer.

Penis Massage

This is largely a manual exercise where you only need to apply a lubricant and massaging the penis gently. Ideally, this technique serves to stretch your skin and force blood into the soft penis tissues. Repeated massage exercises help you increase the size of your manhood and the quality of your erections.

Jelqing Exercises

Like massage, the jelqing exercises also employ the hand and some lubricant. It involves using the grip of your hand to force blood into the head of your penis while periodically stretching it. However, you must get everything right with this method and avoid using too much pressure to prevent irritation, pain, or scarring of the penis tissue.

Penis Pumps

Also known as penis extenders, penis pumps are largely not invasive devices that stretch the penis. Studies show that using these devices for a couple of months could add a few centimeters to your flaccid penis. It is also worth noting that extenders are usually prescribed to men struggling with erectile dysfunction issues.

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Clamps and Rings

Clamps and rings can also help elongate your penis. Ideally, these devices are applied around the base of an erect penis, meaning that they extend the penis by preventing blood from flowing from your penis. Regular use of clamps and rings can enlarge your penis, but you also need to avoid wearing them for too long as they can damage the soft tissues in your penis.

While most of these methods work, it is also advisable to pay attention to your weight. For instance, carrying too much weight around your midsection has the effect of making the penis look small.


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